Announcing Betsy Grace!

Betsy Grace was born Tuesday, November 27th at 5:49! We are so excited she's here!
I woke up Tuesday morning around 6 and realized my water had broken so we got things in good shape at home with Anna and headed to the hospital.  They started me on pitocin and an epidural and we waited and waited.  My mom came to visit with me, as well as Janice and Anna Ruth.  And of course Brett! 
Later that afternoon they said I was ready to push..
I pushed for about forty-five minutes, but Betsy Grace was having a hard time.  She was stuck and her heart rate was dropping each time I was pushing.  I have the best doctor and she really let me try this birth on my own before rushing me to a C-section.  After so long it turned into an emergency situation (makes my heart so sad to even type that).  They rushed me to an emergency C-section.  I'll spare you the details.  Just picture a scene from Grey's Anatomy or something.  People swarming me all at once! The worst part was that Brett had to stand out in the hallway at first :( and I didn't get to tell him I love you.  I remember thinking he must be so worried. And from what I hear-he was. 
I must say-I wasn't scared of the C-section.  I had a God-given calm the entire labor/delivery.  The doctor and nurses even commented on how calm I was.  The fight in me was "Just give me my girl.  Just plop her on my chest! That's all I want".  I prayed and said the name "Jesus" over and over in my head.  And played Christy Nockels song "Waiting here for you" over in my head too.  And God gave me a peace beyond understanding!  A peace to know everything would be fine, even when I didn't have a clue what was going on. 
The epidural was strong enough that I didn't have to be put to sleep for the C-section.  That was great news because Brett got to come back in the room with me once I was all hooked up and everything.  That also meant I got to hold Betsy Grace for a minute or two, before being whisked away to recovery for 2 hours.  I admit-the recovery was miserable.  I was nauseous and have never been so tired/thirsty in my life!  However, I just kept picturing Betsy's face :).  Plus my mom, dad, and Brett got to come see me. 

Betsy Grace is perfectly healthy.  I am doing ok too-dealing with some things because of the surgery I hadn't anticipated.  But God is helping me take it one moment at a time.  And can I brag on Brett?  He is such a wonderful husband.  This was so hard on him, having to watch his girls like this.  He is strong, confident, and caring.  He loves me (and our girls) in such a big, humble way.  I couldn't have made it without his constant attentiveness to me.  Since being home he has continued to help me, even when I don't ask.  
We've also had a tremendous amount of help from Brett's mom "Nana", and my parents, "Granna and Poppa".  We couldn't have done it without them either! 
Anna Ruth is in love with her sister. I'll post on that in a day or two. :)
Thank-you for all of the prayers!  Please continue to pray for us as I recover from the surgery, and we transition to a family of 4. 


  1. She is beautiful and I'm so thankful for safety for you and her during labor and delivery! You, Sara, are so inspiring and encouraging how you put all faith and trust in God and then boldly give Him the credit always. So refreshing! I'll be praying for you as you transition and for speedy recovery! Do ask for help often though :)

  2. Betsy Grace is beautiful!! I'm happy you had such peace. What a blessing.
    Congrats friend!

  3. She is beautiful! I am glad everything turned out well. My first baby was an emergency c-section, amazing how God can bless us even when things dont go like they are planned/imagined! Congratulations!

  4. How scary!! I got chills reading the top part, but I am just so happy to have scrolled down and see that beautiful girl and her adorable face. How does she look that beautiful already??? I will be praying for your recovery, as it takes much longer than with a vaginal birth. Just DON'T push yourself and let everyone help you. I am so happy you posted and let us know that things are going well. Can't wait to see how you guys get in your groove as four--it is so much fun!! Love ya. Oh and isn't that post c-section nausea the wost? UGH.

  5. She is so precious and such a pretty newborn! So glad that she made it safely into this world. Will pray that you get rest and recover quickly.


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