Anna Ruth meets Betsy Grace

A moment I had long been anticipating was Anna Ruth meeting Betsy Grace.  Brett and I had discussed how we wanted to go with the flow, concerning her reaction.  We knew we could expect a wide range of emotions, none of which would have been bad.  We had decided that if Anna Ruth wasn't interested in her sister for now we wouldn't push her to be. 
However, that certainly wasn't the case!  We told Anna that this was the baby that had been in mama's belly and now she was here!  Anna Ruth laid down to check her out real good...
and then let the playing begin!  Thank goodness my mom was there to hold Anna Ruth and keep her from smothering Betsy Grace!  Anna was so, so curious and excited that she just almost hurt Betsy.  A good "problem" to have, in my opinion.  My mom taught her and showed her how to be gentle because Anna Ruth was wanting to pat, tickle, and touch Betsy Grace all over! 
Anna's curiosity hasn't let up since we've been home either.  She loves to bring Betsy her clothes or headband.  She also likes to pat her head throughout the day and "tickle, tickle" her face or hands.  She is so loving to her already! 
Because of the C-section I can't hold Anna Ruth on my lap. :( I was afraid this would upset her but so far it's been ok.  She got to sit next to me in the recliner while we watched some Curious George one day.  I loved having my arms full of sweet girls. :)
Anna Ruth has quickly adjust to the new normal at home and is her silly self!  A few times she has been pretty upset because I've been feeding Betsy and she's wanted my attention.  But we're trying to be extra sensitive to those moments and let her do what makes her heart happy. 
The first night home was quite rough.  Everytime Betsy Grace would cry/scream, Anna Ruth would start to imitate her.  Oh my.  I bet our country neighbors could even hear it!  But, somehow we made it through and we're working on teaching Anna Ruth to say "shhh,'s okay" instead of joining in the crying.  I love being a mom a second time around because I know that the rough sleep moments won't last! 
I look forward to posting more moments with our girls soon! And a fun DIY project I did before Betsy was born. :)