Splish-Splash: Water Play for Anna Ruth!

 A goal of mine as a mama is to always be on the lookout for engaging, creative activities to do with Anna Ruth.  She loves playing with her toys and puzzles, and having books read to her.  But I also like to introduce new things to her and give her little brain new ways to think!  Sometimes my ideas (or someone else's I'm trying!) work great; other times she's hardly interested at all.
 This activity was a complete success!  For those who really know Anna Ruth, you know how busy of a girl she is. I know all parents say that, but Anna truly stays on the move all. DAY. long! She played with this activity for close to 45 minutes. I just couldn't believe it! We will be doing this again.
 "jibber-jabber", a.k.a. "I'm having fun mama!"
This idea is simple.  All I did was fill our sink up with warm water, and then add dish-soap (enough to make a lot of bubbles).  I then added cups, spoons, ladles, sponges, and various sizes of containers to the sink.  Anna got to stand on a chair and play away with the items in the sink!  After a few minutes of play I also set a large, clear plastic tub next to the sink.  She happily poured water in it (and alllll over the floor and herself!)
 Some words we talked about while playing were "squeeze, pour, stir, bubbles, splash, scoop, and float."  Anna got super wet during this, but we just went right to lunch-time afterwards.  I used the soapy water to quickly mop the kitchen floor again.  Score! Happy kid, and clean floor. :) Success!


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