Giving and Tithing (when you don't make a dime!)

How do you tithe, when you don't make any money?
Let me back up...I have always been raised a tither.  I have seen my parents and family blessed our entire lives, because of my parent's faithful decision to tithe-no matter the income.  Once I started my teaching job I realized that being "raised" a tither doesn't make you one.  But, I chose to take God's command to heart and do it for my own reasons.  I got paid-I paid 10% back to the church. Pretty easy.
Jump ahead to now.  I have been a stay-at-home mama for a year and a half.  Except for the short time I made money running my Etsy shop I have been without income.  Of course we pay tithe on Brett's income and have seen unexpected blessing upon blessing because of it!  However, continuing to be a giver was something that remained on my heart.  And I didn't feel like I could give as easily, without my 10% check to write.  I began to ask God for ways to give.  
Over time God has creatively answered that prayer.  Can I just say it feels so good to give back to my heavenly Father, when I have been give so much? 
As I'm learning to listen to God daily on this's what I've heard.
  • The huge giveaway you won on someone else's blog recently? Give some of the items away and spread some joy to someone else.
  • Your big house?  Use it for welcoming others in, not to hide away from the world.
  • Your hobbies and time? Use them to serve others, not just yourself.
  • Your listening ear? Be generous in helping others with struggles you've already overcome.

the list continues! Daily God is filling my "Giving Tank" with new ideas.! 
What are some of your own??


  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to give you a little food for thought with regards to your piece on tithing.

    I have noticed that we Christians speak a special lingo that never gives specifics on anything. You said your parents tithed and you saw them blessed, in what way were they blessed? Were they blessed any more than the non-tither? Could you really quantify these blessings and trace them to tithing?

    Am sure you might struggle a little bit with that because there is truly no empirical proof that those that tithe are more blessed than those who do not. And this is because every single believer in this new dispensation is already blessed and tithing was never the deciding factor.

    The bible never commands to New Testament church to tithe instead when it comes to giving, we are encouraged to give anything we can afford. This will be accepted as long as it has been given willingly and cheerfully.

    In all honesty, you already pay some form of tithe in the form of your taxes. As the Old Testament tithes were actually taxes on agricultural produce alone and not the standard of giving or generosity in either the Old or New Testaments.

    God bless.

  2. Hi Saved by Grace,
    I appreciate your comment and thank-you for sharing your opinion in a thoughtful manner. I believe, as you do, that all believers are blessed. It is also my personal belief that yes, tithing opens up a whole new door of blessing. Can I prove this with actual data? Maybe to some, others maybe not. Let me explain-I know as we've gone to a one-income family and continue to pay our tithe (and above at times) we've seen extra money and/or other blessings provided that were out of the ordinary. We believe in faith, that this is from tithing. Would we be blessed otherwise? Yes. Do I believe God is adding an extra element of blessing for giving back to Him? Yes to that too.
    I appreciate you giving me something to think about and hope I've done the same.
    God bless!

  3. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for your response. My concern actually is the way today’s church seems over-run by works as opposed to faith.

    The terms of salvation does not require any believer to aid their provision from God in any way anymore than our children would need to earn or aid our willingness as parents to provide for them.

    Provisions, extra blessings et all are all part of the salvation package we receive from God. The terms of the covenant established by the blood of Jesus means God will always meet your needs and this has got nothing to do with you.

    It is good to give but to stretch oneself dangerously in the name of a tithe under the mistaken belief that God requires it can be quite dangerous. A lot of believers have found themselves facing bankruptcy and losing their homes by travelling down this road. Tithing is no substitute for proper money management (am not saying that you are poor at money management).

    Apart from empirical evidence, no single verse of scripture issues a tithing command to the New Testament church. And that aside, what we call a tithe in today’s church is completely different from what is obtained in the bible.

    The bible clearly defines the tithe the TENTH part of crops and livestock alone, no portion of the bible ever commands a tithe of money as that is practically impossible. Some argue that money was absent in ancient Israel hence a tithe of agricultural produce; that is false.

    Remember that anything you give will always be accepted as long as you have given it willingly and cheerfully and it does not influence God’s willingness to provide for you and your family. I will also advise that you do a bit more study on tithing.

    God bless


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