Look at the stars, see how they shine for you!

 Here's a look at our Christmas/winter dining room table centerpiece.  I don't know about you, but our table gets pretty dirty, pretty quickly.  And that's even with Little One using her own tray on her high-chair!  We use our table for multiple purposes though-it is great for crafting, list-making, contemplating, eating, reading, etc.  So, I wanted a low-maintenance centerpiece and this is what I came up with.
The old crate and bottles I was lucky enough to get from my mom-in-law's house when she recently moved out. Actually Brett stuck this in his truck for me so I'm not sure if she knows I have it or not, lol.  Brett knew I would love it and he was right. Creating the stars was so easy!  
I traced various sizes of stars on old Baptist Hymnal pages I keep on hand for such projects.  I then painted the stars, and let them dry. Later I glued two stars (wrong sides facing) together, placing a wooden skewer in the middle.  I used hot-glue for this and didn't worry about the stars matching up perfectly.  Last, I placed one wooden skewer in each bottle.  Easy! 
You could easily use this idea in several ways in your home-
  • the stars could be glued on string to create a garland
  • the bottles could be placed close together on a table, without needing the crate
  • the stars could be hung with string from the ceiling
  • the stars could be glued to tooth-picks instead of skewers and used for cupcake toppers!