family matters.

 Are there things in your family that matter to you, but maybe not as much to everyone else? 
There are in ours-and one of those is photos. :) Jana and I love a good family photo.  Our husbands go along with it because they adore us. Our kids don't have a choice, lol. 
So this weekend I took photos for Jana's (my twin) family and she quickly got a few for us.  I only wanted one photo as a family of three, before Betsy arrives.  The one above is my absolute favorite. I want to have it printed big and hang it somewhere where we'll see it often.
 Do you actually print/hang your photos?  I hope so.  I've started, within the last year or so, really making an effort to get more photos printed and on the walls, or in little homemade books for Anna Ruth.  These are honestly some of her most favorite, treasured things to look at!  Almost every time I change her diaper she points at Brett's picture and says "Dada, Dada". We frequently look at cousin pictures and talk about their names and fun things we've done with them.  Pictures are worth so much.  I like to get mine printed at Clark Color.  They are good quality, and often have great sales! You can find them here.
 These pictures are so Anna right now. Almost always on the move, loving her stuffed toys and especially her baby dolls.  Sometimes very serious (despite anyone's great efforts to get her to crack a smile). Other times-ridiculously silly.  Like when we go to the grocery store weekly and she makes her cheesiest, silliest faces and grins at every. single. person. that walks by! And continues smiling-even if the person is ignoring her (poor thing-she hasn't realized yet she's getting no reaction! Although she almost always does)
Coming up this week on the blog:
  • Christmas DIY projects
  • My thoughts on tithing (when you don't make a dime)
  • and more!


  1. Lovely family photos, and I have a twin sister and a daughter named Anna. :)

    I enjoy displaying photos in frames, and one of the best decisions I ever made, following my daughter's birth, was using a single-page album to record one photo each month of her life. It took two albums to record her life in months, until she turned 18 and moved away. I still get teary-eyed whenever I thumb through these little albums. Time seems to slip away so quickly.

    Visiting from MSM today.

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful! And thanks for the kick in the pants to get more photos printed and UP!


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