"Mommy and Me"

 Anna and I have such fun together. Here are some "Mommy and Me" moments... She loves for me to take our picture, and then she wants to look at it on the camera.
 A favorite food of hers are bananas.  She was so proud this day to get to hold it all by herself.
 Me: "Anna, can you laugh? Where's your cheesy grin?"
 Another favorite? Talking on the phone!
 She is such a climber!
 Something I've started this week is letting Anna Ruth help more in the kitchen.  Several nights in a row we've gotten the step-ladder out and Anna gets to watch/help me with some dinner prep.  This night she got to stir our cornbread mix for the very first time! She loved helping (and showed some dramatic emotions when it was time to be all done, lol)
 A regular favorite moment around our house is breakfast and book time.  While I drink my coffee Anna and I have developed a special routine.  She brings me books, and sits in my lap at the dining room table.  I read and snuggle away, and enjoy sips of coffee in-between Anna bringing me more books.  Such a special time. 
We are excited to add Betsy Grace to our Mommy and Me moments!