Found and Free!

 Something I always wonder about people is-what makes their minds tick? What fuels their creativity/passion? It is such a pet peeve of mine when people say they're "not creative". Umm...what? Everyone is in my opinion! Brett is a master at Excel, building fences, and all things business/numbers related. He either already has knowledge on the subject or finds a way to "just figure it out." THAT to me is creativity at it's best! 
For me, certain things just catch my eye. I love to be passionate about the little things.
Do you see a pretty sight when looking at a plate of waffles?
Maybe not, but I do. Inspiration-found and free!
 Creative window displays,
and eating at a new-to-us restaurant for date night:
Inspiration found! (and some of it free :) )
 Spending some unexpected time with Brett (plus Betsy Grace) while Anna oddly sleeps in,
discussing landscaping and plans for our home/surrounding property-
creative, inspiring conversation!
 Anna's sudden interest and determination for crayons?
Inspiration found and free!
(and motivation to continue being a good mama, providing plenty of opportunities for her to try things once, twice, and beyond!)
These two are my biggest inspiration. :)
Notice the Dora "sticka" Anna worked so hard to place on Brett's camo.


  1. Cute! The camo/Dora combo!! :D And what store is that??!! It looks really cool!! And those packages - that wrapping is stunning!

    1. Two of the stores are found on the Fayetteville Square (it was date night and so they were already closed-booo) Anyhow, the stores are Riffraff, and the Mustache (both almost right next door). They are the coolest, most inspiring stores! The packages are from the window at Altered State at the Pinnacle Promenade. Can we say window shopping? lol, considering I didn't actually get to go in any of these stores!


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