Creative Playtime Activities

 I've watched Anna Ruth's curiosity and knowledge grow a lot lately and it's caused me think even harder about the experiences I am providing for her to learn, be creative, be messy, and keep that natural spirit of wonder I believe all children are born with. 
We can lose it so quickly, can't we?
 One day last week we had rain galore. A soft, gentle rain.....
this time NOT accompanied by wind gusts, thunder, and lightening. Thank goodness!
 Anna and I headed out to the porch to look at some deer in the yard.  She decided she wanted to crawl on the front step, and play in the rain a bit. My first thought was "It's raining! She'll get wet!" Then I realized that a bit of gentle rain wouldn't hurt her one bit! This was a rare opportunity where it was actually safe for her to explore the rain.
 Explore she did! 
I'm not sure what this face is about..but oh how she enjoyed herself!
 I also set up this Sensory Play cookie sheet for her last week.
You can read about it here:
Thrice the Spice
This is the food blog my sisters and I write !
 We like to get out as a family, too. Anna Ruth sure loves her Daddy. This restaurant had deer heads on the wall and all kinds of outdoorsy art with animals. Anna was in heaven! She loves to imitate animal sounds, and really loves looking at photographs and/or art.
 Anna Ruth got to pet a dog at the Farmer's Market!
 We also listened to our favorite musician....
this young man. We don't know his name,
but his voice is just wonderful.
 This is Anna Ruth's favorite way to sit right now! 
She is ready to call the Hogs this season...
One of Anna Ruth's favorite places is Barnes and Noble.
This girl LOVES books. One day last week I counted up, and we had read to her at least 2 hours total throughout the course of the day. She loves to stand, or sit by us and listen to books...and has also learned how to crawl in our laps to listen.
Often she will crawl over with a book and hold it up, with eyebrows raised. She's learning Mama or Dada will read to her if she does this. 
She walked all over the place at Barnes and Noble and talked so, SO, loud, fingers pointing at everything!
She was having the time of her life!
We treated her to some new Curious George books, her favorite little monkey. 
Playtime with Anna Ruth is so fun!
I'm always on the lookout for new ideas...
Here are a few sites I like:
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