DIY Tutorial: Just Imagine banner

Today I'm excited to give you a sneak peek into one of the projects for Anna Ruth's BIG sister room.
Slowly, but surely this room is coming along!
I find it is sometimes difficult for my time, talents, vision, and $ to all line up at once to get something accomplished as quickly as I'd like.
I'm having to learn to decorate in layers.
A bit here-a bit there.  This is SO hard for me to do!
I knew I wanted a banner in one of the corners of Anna Ruth's room.
I must have read the words "Just imagine" somewhere recently because this is what I had on my mind to make.  As I've posted before I still print letters/numbers off the computer the "old-fashioned" way, meaning no Cricut! Can I be old-fashioned too and admit I like it this way? 
To start I typed the words "Just imagine" in Microsoft Word, using the Poor Richard font.
I changed the font color to a very pale grey.
Next I picked out which paint colors I wanted to use, making sure they coordinated with the fabric I'm using as the focal point of the room. These bottles of paint were only $.57 at my "big" Wal-Mart (not the Neighborhood Market).  They were double that at Hobby Lobby, just FYI :).
Grab a skinny paint brush....
(I am loving these.  They were around $1.99 for 30 brushes and are perfect to use and throw away.)
and start painting!  You will paint over the light grey letters you printed out.  This part is tedious, especially if you want to do a good enough job to cut around the letters. I found it relaxing too, though.
Once you're done painting let the letters dry....
and decide how closely you want to cut around the letters, or what shape you want to cut around them.
I decided to leave a thin white border around my letters, to make them stand out even more.
I am missing a picture for this step, but I then cut out triangle banner pieces from old book pages,
and then glued the letters directly onto the book pages.
Glue the banner pieces onto jute or string and you're done !
I absolutely loved how this banner turned out and plan on making more for the holidays 
to add some festivity to the rest of the house.
More details on Anna's big girl room later!
Happy Day, Diy-ers :)


  1. What?! I love this!! That whole corner looks so great!!


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