Fair Field Trip

 Yesterday was School Day at the Washington County Fair.
This was us at the fair last year:
 My, my how my tiny one has changed!
Anna Ruth got to touch a rabbit, and loved pointing at the prize ribbons this year.
 She was even brave and stood next to some of the petting zoo cages! 
I was so proud of her for this.
We spent the day at the fair with her cousins too!
Anna Ruth's favorite thing(s) to touch and sit on were the tractors, 4-wheelers, and Razors. :)
Perhaps this is because her Dada gives her tractor rides,
and our sweet neighbors have already given her 4-wheeler and Razor rides.
This girl loves a good, fast time! :)
 We touched this massive, huge cow!
 Anna Ruth had her pointer finger(s) out and talked away about the animals.
It was so much fun to see things from her perspective. 
I sure loved my cuddly baby last year at this time, but had no idea the fun and adventures, kicks and giggles that awaited! 
In the next day or two I'll be posting a DIY tutorial that involves these letters, and a project for Anna's big sister room! Stay tuned!