Rise and Shine!

 Anna Ruth is on the move! 
She has really started to seem like such a big girl! She is learning to communicate in ways that astound me.  She loves to imitate animal sounds, wave to people (even those who drive by), do her "all done" sign, clap, sing, say "shhh,shhh" for a dirty diaper.....say "duck-uh", and a word that sounds like "this". 
She's also walking more and more.
She's energetic and sweet and ornery and exhausting all at once. 
I like the picture above because it speaks volumes to me about loving in the little ways, as well as the big.
For example-when Anna holds a book out (that I've read 10 times that day already)-
read it again! :) with love.
 I never know what these two will be up to!
Brett found Anna Ruth's baby doll mittens and dressed up with them.
 Something I value as a mama is getting Anna Ruth around other people and out and about to experience new things. One of her favorite places is the library. 
She's especially crazy about the Curious George books....
or Curious George in general really! 
She loves this little monkey :)
 Our library also has puzzles and games that can be checked out.
Anna and I had fun playing with these stacking blocks and brought them home to continue the fun!
She enjoys knocking the tower down.
 We also have a Farmer's Market nearby our library.
Some days we hike from the library to the market for our morning walk.
Anna Ruth likes to climb on the rocks around the waterfall at the market.
Until her mama has to peel her off the rocks because she wants to sit in the water and splash. 
 Our days start pretty early around here,
and a favorite phrase I think (and pray for often) lately is
"Rise and Shine!"
This picture says that to me. :)