Night Away: Bravely Leaving Anna Ruth

This weekend we had a blessed opportunity to spend the night in Eureka Springs, for a relaxing getaway!
I was so looking forward to this-but nervous as I could be about leaving "my little buddy", Anna Ruth :).
However, after peeling her off Nana's leg upon our arrival back home-I'd say she did just fine. 
Brett and I had the most wonderful time too!
 We ate at Rogues Manor, which is truly fine dining at it's best.
We felt like kings and queens as we ordered what we wanted off the (expensive) menu.
Our taste buds were delighted!
I had the most delicious pasta dish, with a spicy peanut sauce.
They also play old Frank Sinatra type music here and have dim, romantic lighting.
 If you are looking for a real treat (like a once a year treat!) go here!
The atmosphere and food are like none other.
Although there are neat places galore to stay at in Eureka, we decided to stay at a regular hotel. We wanted to save our money for better tasting food instead.......What can I say? We love good food. :)
This Inn was very clean and suited our needs just fine. I'd recommend it too!
 We got to sleep as late as we wanted, which turned out to be 7:15. Having a baby changes EVERYTHING. What relaxed bodies we woke up with though! The kind that seeps deep....
We then enjoyed a long walk to Local Flavor, and had a wonderful breakfast.
Next-walking around Eureka, with random photo fun. 
In Brett's defense, I "made" him sit up here, like a catalog model. :)
I love this picture.
 This makes my heart go pitter-patter.
 Of course we had to make a trip to The Daily Roast too (I told you we planned around food!)
 The Betsy Grace bump has arrived! 
And you bet I am proud, proud, proud! 
Still haven't gained near as much weight as with Anna Ruth,
but she's measuring well :)
 This busy, sweet little girl could be a reason I don't have as much time to sit around and gain as much weight this time too ;)
Oh my-how I adore being Anna Ruth's mama. 
I find that I am at my best (best wife, mom, etc.) when I take time to care for myself.
I'm learning to let God teach me how to relax fully...and often enough that I stay healthy and ready to tackle my days........
This weekend was just that!
I love Brett and value him as a person, not just as a help-mate with our children.
I value his thoughts and heart.
He is so opposite of me and continues to intrigue me.
His looks make my heart race......
I think it's so important to find a way to stay this "in love".
We are about to have two sweet girls watching to see how Mama and Dada love each other, after all.
I hope they grow up and say "Love built this house".

(MAJOR thanks to Anna's Nana, whom she truly adores, for keeping her overnight! )


  1. Getaways are the best!!! Looks like you and Brett had a great time together. Good food is the best! I love your Betsy belly. Too cute!! She's getting bigger

  2. Sweet post! And your photos are so inspiring! The one of Brett is really cool - it looks vintage! You look terribly cute as well! :)


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