Little Explorer

Look who got into Mama's fabric stash!
Anna Ruth hasn't been napping as long lately (just long enough for me to get my walk in),
so yesterday I took her into the craft room with me so I could finish something for her party.
She adores dragging my fabric and paper stash out!
I want this room to be a friendly place for all of our kids, 
where one day maybe we can create together!
 We got to go to the Botanical Garden this week with Granna, Poppa, Aunt Jana, Caleb, and Lainey.
Anna Ruth sat through her first story and song time,
and had so much fun with her surroundings and cousins! 
 This neat little praying mantis explored our kitchen counter one day. :)
 My own little explorer!
 We are blessed to have so many neat things to do in NWA!
Anna Ruth loves being at home in the country,
but I'm glad for things like the Botanical Garden where she 
can experience new sights and sounds.
 Her first craft!! (that mama made for her)
 Listening to the story/songs.....a saltine cracker or two may have made an appearance to help her sit still..
Have I mentioned how much Anna Ruth loves saltines?
 Isn't this gorgeous? I'm always on the lookout for inspiring pics for our own yard someday.
 A little hula hoop fun!
 16 weeks pregnant! (I think....maybe 17 weeks? Will have to ask next week at my appt.!)
Anna Ruth has her FIRST birthday party Saturday.
I am so, so, SO excited about this day!
Her real birthday is Sunday, on Father's Day.
What fun!


  1. I'm finally caught up on all your posts! I've been so behind. I cannot BELIEVE Anna turns one on Sunday!! I'm super excited to see pics from the party since I know you will have millions of super cute decorations and yummy food! Love ya :)


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