the big ONE

Happy 1st birthday to Anna Ruth!!!!!
 We celebrated with a party this weekend,
and her actual birthday is today, on Father's Day!
 I made the cupcakes,
and they turned out delicious!
White cake mix, cream cheese frosting recipe found here, on Glorious Treats,
icing piped on with my Pampered Chef device,
and rainbow sprinkles. Happy :)
 We held the party in our yard..
and had a nacho/taco bar set up for dinner.
 I love this tiny little thing...
whose reach and climb knows no limits!
 I decorated our chalkboard with a banner that says "Celebrating the girl that puts the color in our world"..
and then made a collage of Anna Ruth pics.
 Sittin' with Dada.
I couldn't ask for a better dad for Anna Ruth..and the rest of our children to be!
Brett is hands-on,
always ready (and happy!) to help,
full of wisdom and wit,
silly and serious.
 I made her cupcake tower, and you can find out how to make your own
on Thrice the Spice tomorrow!
 Tasting sweet cake!
 This sums up my girl-
pretty as can be,
fiercely independent,
and a daredevil,
and brown dirty, country lovin' feet!
 Another moment captured from this weekend...
flowers picked from Dada :)
 Before dessert the skies opened up and decided to pour.
We grabbed a few things and ran inside!
This is the picture of a happy home to me,
full of light, laughter, and people!
 Anna Ruth got so many neat, big girl presents!
 A girl after my own heart..
and one of my favorite people out of anybody I know :)
My sweet niece
 A HUGE thanks to Momma and Daddy, "Granna and Poppa", for getting Anna Ruth this Cozy Coupe car.
She stayed in it 'till 9:00 last night..and headed straight for it this morning.
We may or may not have had to park it in the pantry to get Anna Ruth to even look at her present from us............   :)
 Oh my word,
she loves this car. :)
 Pure joy :) ,
and I've learned since being a Mama,
a moment like this erases the tough memories.
Sleepless nights,
grumpy teething baby??
What's that?!
 You couldn't see my craft room until today.
It looked like an episode of Hoarders.
So Rebekah, this is for you. :)
I told you there was a craft room under there!

We'll end on a sweet note...
Twizzlers from the party!
I have many "reflections" on Anna Ruth's first year..
but for tonight I want to let the merry glow of her party last. :)


  1. What a beautiful fun filled gathering. I loved seeing all of the pictures. Great job, mama!

  2. It looks like a happy birthday to me! Super cute!

  3. Awesome party! Love the taco bar! What a great idea. Anna Ruth looked so cute for her special day. Love all the colors and ruffled streamers are my fave!happy birthday Anna!!


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