Closing Shop

Well friends,
I closed my Etsy shop.
This was a very, very, VERY hard decision for me!
I love making things.
Love looking at fabric and putting prints and colors together in a cheerful, unique way.
I even like imagining new things to sew, and just doing it.
No tutorial, or pinterest,
just me and my thoughts. :)
I did fairly well on Etsy..I've been open since last September and ended up making a profit.
A small profit, but I still came out on top.
However, here's what I didn't realize...
at least in my experience, Etsy was 95% about promoting yourself and your shop,
and 5% the imagination and creation I mentioned above.
I understand you have to advertise,
sales won't just fall into your lap.
I wasn't enjoying the imagination and creation anymore,
because I knew I would put hours and hours in just trying to get noticed.
I'm all about hard work,
and certainly NOT about quitting.
I have prayed and prayed over this decision.
And, although I'm sad to close,
I have a peace about it.
So, here are my thoughts now.
I can still re-open my shop later if I choose, with the same name and everything.
I still love imagining and being creative and MAKING.
I still have a desire to do something with this....
I just don't know what that looks like for now.
I'd still love to make things for people..
(contact me if you or someone you know needs crafty help!)
but I know that God would have to directly send me the opportunity.
It's time to let God make things happen,
not me.
And-I've come out ahead!
Through making things for Meg's Craft Weekend I met a local gal who also blogs and reads Meg's WHATEVER blog, who has become my friend.
We're even planning our own Craft Day to be hosted at my house!
So, my reward has been great.
Here's to new opportunities! :)


  1. Well I never visited your shop, but if it was as cute as your header and your pic here it must have been adorable~! Sounds like you made a well prayed over decision though. On to the next chapter of Rosy Life! :)


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