I think I can, I think I can....

Sigh.......the top picture just makes my heart smile. :)
Guess what?
I found out after my last post, many mama's can relate.
Also, although Anna's gums are still as swollen as ever (my poor baby),
her mood has lifted some!
Yesterday she made me laugh and laugh.
Brett and I were cooking supper (no "DD time there-I had help!),
and we looked down and she had crawled into the dishwasher.
I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.
Brett recently had to play the role of event planner at his job.
He works at Central States Manufacturing in human resources, as a recruiter.
He planned/hosted an Open House about the company.
He was a bit anxious about this, not quite his territory (so HE thought, not me!)
He worked so, so, SO hard on this event.
It was a success and he ended up hiring several people that came to the Open House!
The biggest news?
Because of his success, the company now wants to send him to other plants across the U.S. to host
Open Houses !!
I am beyond proud of him!!
(and since he would never, ever, utter a word about himself I'll do it for him)


  1. That is super exciting for your husband!

  2. her hair is such a beautiful shade. and i love that top picture too. way to go hubby of yours!! that is awesome. I would ask if i could go too though..with AR and baby #2 in tow. hehe.


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