When real isn't rosy

 Sometimes real isn't rosy.
The picture above was taken during what I like to call the "DD" hour...no, not designated driver, but "Dinner Disaster". That mysterious time of night that has come for the past three weeks where Anna Ruth clings to my leg while I cook and cries and sobs. I've tried oodles of distractions, including said popsicle. :)
Our sweet girl has been getting in her first top tooth, and probably more we're not aware of.
The last few weeks have been so hard. 
I have been exhausted and discouraged (our discipline has had to go up a notch as well...Anna Ruth is allllll kinds of ornery). 
I've hesitated to say anything because I figured I would get several responses-
either "They grow up so fast! You should enjoy this time"..
or "Just wait until you have two!"
or even...."You should be glad you have a healthy baby".
But here's the thing-I love, love people who are real.
People who aren't negative all the time, but can speak up when they're having a hard time.
Girls like my playgroup friends who sympathize, offer advice, 
and don't judge when frustrations are ranted.
Twin sisters who tell me "Oh I remember when___ did that!"
So, have the past few weeks been hard?
Yes, but I haven't let it back me into a corner.
I've gotten up each morning praying harder than the day before for help.
I've leaned on God (and my faithful Brett) harder than ever.
I've had Girls' Nights two Friday nights in a row! Laughs galore :)
and....as I've realized through looking at the pictures below,
I've had Rosy in the Real Life all along, whether I saw it in the moment or not.
 I'm always on the lookout for new play ideas for Anna Ruth.
I made some discovery bottles...one has change in it she can shake :), one has cinnamon sticks with rice that makes neat noise, and the other-baby oil with pins that float happily around. She really likes these!
 A bit of fragile beauty I discovered on the back deck.
 Brett ordered a shaved ice and it came out this happy mix of color :)
 Look who snuck into Mommy's Craft room to play with fabric!

 We recently did some experimenting with water colors!
Anna Ruth enjoyed tearing the paper off the big white roll,
dipping her fingers in the water colors and water glass,
and exploring the paint brush!

 We also had a little fun and lesson about pouring.
Anna Ruth is such a quick learner she took matters into her own hands and poured
all of the water from the big pink bowl onto herself! 
 We have these alphabet stickies on our door, stuck on the outside. This way Anna Ruth can "play" with them from the inside, but they don't get stuck all over our floor...
 or eaten like a gummy worm. :)
Shortly after we had to be "all done" with these
because I realized Anna Ruth had chewed a couple of letters into bite-sized bits.
Oh my, I'm cracking up just typing that.
It really was funny to see little window cling pieces all over.
 Well, if you know me at all you know I'm a HUGE fan of thrifting and garage sales.
I got this lamp for $2 last weekend! I liked it as it was.....

but decided to make it a bit more "Sara". 
Becca gave me this cute fabric and I recovered the shade,
making me like it even more!
This project was so fast!
I honestly did the worst job ever recovering the shade
but you can't seem to tell. 
A happy $2 project!

Here's to keeping it real (even when it isn't rosy),
keeping a song in your heart,
a laugh in your belly,
and to the last week Anna Ruth will be less than a year old!


  1. Sara, teething can be rough and there can be little to do about it. Hang in there! Unfortunately she has a lot more teeth to get, so it might be intense for awhile, but it will eventually be over. Just know that you aren't alone in fussy clingy teething children who need your constant attention, especially during meal preparations! :) It is just plain hard sometimes.

  2. It is nice for me to know that other babies in our playgroup are going through this stage too. Awhile back I was feeling like Emerson was the only one throwing tantrums! If we can raise them up in the right ways now (though difficult at times), one day maybe we will have sweet, well-behaved kids :) Until then we can just vent to one another. lol..


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