nice matters too. :)

 Our girl is starting to be so affectionate.
Did I mention she gives kisses?
With a grin, too!
 So many expressions :)
 I finished every. single. sunshine pin (including the packaging) and mailed them off today! :)
 Saturday we went to Nathan's birthday party in Alma.
Papaw wins the Baby Whisperer Award. :)
He got Anna Ruth to sleep for a bit of a nap...
 and then she even got to rest on Malachi's big boy bed for a while!
 I loved the creativity that went into the camping cake Becca made :)
 Jana and Little M :)

 There were sweets galore-including s'mores at the party!

 Anna Ruth got to try the play car for the first time ever!
She loved it!
She may have learned this fierce look from her mama. :)

 Sunday we went to Momma and Daddy's for lunch!
We had a great time playing and eating.
Everything tasted so delicious. 
Family matters.
I made this bunting and tucked it in with the sunshine pins for the lovely Meg, who is giving me the opportunity to send something for the craft weekend ladies.
As far as I can tell, most of the other shops contributing things are pretty established.
So- how nice is she to give me this opportunity?
Very. :)
Nice matters too.