My parade

Congratulations entry #3-Andrea, you are the Giveaway Winner! :)
Message me ( or via facebook) 
to determine the details of your pin and bunting! :)

 This is some of the fabulous fabric I got at Sew Flakes in downtown Broken Arrow !
Something you might not know-I love down towns. 
For real.
I even had an idea once to photograph and visit down towns all over the U.S. :)
Hot Springs has a great downtown too.
 Last week I filled the shop with these happy little pins :). So easy to put one on and dress up your mood and outfit!

 Something Anna Ruth, and all babies, are born with is such a natural curiosity. I pray and hope to continue to nurture that in Anna as she gets older. I've noticed lately how 'plugged in' everyone is. I want Anna Ruth to be curious, fascinated, and use her imagination with everyday things!

 This day we had a blast on the kitchen floor, with a box. :)

 My life will never be the same! She can crawl backwards and do 360's on her tummy so fast she's discovered the drawer under the stove and the dishwasher. She's into everything!
for all the negative comments I've heard about this stage ...don't rain on my parade! :)
I enjoy watching her come alive!
Anna Ruth is now crawling! As of last night (3/12/2012) :) she's an official crawler. It just makes me laugh and laugh with's so cute to watch.
This shelf is getting cleaned out today! No longer can I keep the older cousin's play things on Anna's shelf! She gets it all down and some things are just too little for her little body.
Don't tell Anna Ruth though-she thinks she's just as big as anybody!

Please pray for a friend of mine's daughter who has had an allergic reaction and is in the hospital with hives.
I had something last week (a sinus infection I believe) but didn't want the high doctor bill to go in for a visit and know that God wants us healthy! So, I rested, drank lots of water, and most importantly prayed! (And had my Dad pray for me at church) I am feeling so much better and back to myself!
Prayer Works.