This weather tickles my fancy.
I adore it.....perfect for daydreaming, playing, inspiration, eating fresh, grilling...
I could go on and on and on... :)
 We love time on the giant front porch.
Anna put a dead wasp in her mouth out there this week.
My girl is curious and country. :0
 I have successfully added bunting to three rooms in the house now. :)
Anna's room got some bunting last week-along with two giant pics and a Katie Daisy print..
 I strung up some scrapbook paper and inspiring magazine photos in my craft room.
Do people still get inspired beyond the computer and tear pages out of mags?
I sure hope so.
I do. :)
 We had Thai Chicken Pizza with homemade crust last week.
 Anna is VERY much into feeding herself lately....
she's apparently too big for eating out of a spoon from her baby food container-ha!
Last week she ate avocado bites, corn, peas, and deer taco meat.
 Sometimes we have friendly visitors at the house..
 I also strung up bunting in the dining room. :)
I immediately said "If it's too much I'll take it down" to Brett..
of course I got to keep it up.
There's almost never a situation of "too much" in my world.

 We went on a field trip to the library last week and got some puzzles to "work"!
Anna can crawl forward, get in a sit up position on her own, and pull up to standing...all as of last week! 
 Everybody needs some colorful treats.

 Today we took the most inspiring/fun trip to Westwood Gardens! Inspiration is truly EVERYWHERE.
How gorgeous are these tomato cages?
My mind sees things through patterns, color, and fun! And projects and creativity. :)

 I played with the camera while Brett was in Lowe's.....

and we came home to work on the landscaping at our house.
SO. much fun! 
Janice and Jack came to join us too. :)
progress pics soon!

I am currently loving the magic of our yard/ many sights and sounds..birds galore, and even saw a raccoon crossing the meadow last week!
I'm also loving staying outside 'till bedtime..
country skies with night time stars,
and my country life.

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  1. Your pictures are STUNNING!! I love the wall decor in Anna Ruth's room also! And I am a magz pic collector also! Recipes, ideas, fabric ideas....I made a binder for all of mine! :D Your blog is just so fun to read!


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