Snow Day :(

 Monday we woke up to a blanket of snow,and more falling!
I couldn't wait to bundle Anna Ruth up and take her out.
I truly thought she would love it.

 She cried big tears while I dressed her. Sadly, that's pretty normal.
and she WAS dressed in layer upon layer.
Still, I remained hopeful.

 :( She wasn't a fan.
Just boo-hooed.
And my girl isn't a crier normally.
Sorry snow! You lost your magical Gilmore Girls touch for a day, but it'll be back soon. :)
I imagine she'll like it more next year when she's able to actually move a part of her body besides her mouth, eyes, and tears. :)
We came in and played dress-up by the window instead. :)
The rest of the day entailed Anna stripping the back of her board book with her teeth, and a major diaper seepage problem.
All in a day... :) You just never know what'll happen!