I changed my mind.

 So a while back I put some news on Facebook and here that I decided to transfer my entire Etsy shop, Sunshine by Sara, over to this blog so that people could buy directly from here.
 I did that.
But actually kept the Etsy store open too.
 I improved my Etsy photos and made a new banner, like you saw above.

 I've made, and am working on, new things full of color, patterns, and happiness. :)

 I'm having so much fun thinking about creations in my head.
And then making them. :)
 I had my second sale this month.
A pessimist may say "Only two sales?"
I say TWO sales. :)
There was major excitement in the Torbett house.

 I listed my first item on my birthday, September 5th.
The first month I had 369 views: 149 shop views, 220 listing views. 
2 favorites. (meaning someone saved my item or shop as a favorite)
Over the last 30 days I've had 1,130 views: 448 shop views, 682 listing views.
34 favorites. ( 9 shop favorites. 25 listing favorites)
and 1 order to someone I've never met!
(plus a conversation today about a custom order!)

So deciding to quit?
I changed my mind. :)
Progress is happening....I am enjoying this creative journey big time.


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