Today we had a birthday celebration lunch at Momma and Daddy's.
We were celebrating Momma and Daddy's birthdays, as well as Seth's, which are all in February! :)

 Momma had things decorated so cute. I love a festive table!
These strawberries were DELICIOUS.

 I love having a twin. I can't imagine not having a sibling your exact age.

 Thanks to Momma, Anna Ruth got to try Puffs for the first time today! She quickly learned how to put them in her mouth....for the most part. :)
It hadn't even occurred to me to give them to her...(I wonder what else my girl is missing out on because of her mama's "first time mama brain"?....Oh well, between my sisters and mom Anna Ruth is covered with knowledge! :)  )
 Lainey still prefers "Uncle Brett"....
and sometimes me if I have some bling on.
 Aren't the colors and patterns in this kid's book so inspiring?
 Make a wish!
I'm proud to say I only ate one piece. :)
 Jana also made some delicious cupcakes! (we like to go all out on our desserts-ha!)
They were lemon and a lower calorie dessert but didn't taste like it one bit.
I'll have to see if she'll post them on Thrice the Spice, the cooking blog my sisters and I collaborate on. (Find it by clicking on the tab above!)
 Someone was trying to secretly blow the candles out.

 Seth, the baby whisperer, was able to get Anna Ruth to sleep.
 fun colors!
 Lainey is fearless. And passionate. And so cute and happy.
She climbed into this thing by herself somehow while we were all in the dining room.
She was so proud of herself!
 Becca made the neatest, personalized with a photo, soap!
Check out Thrice the Spice to see the "how to" tomorrow!

 Sweet love...

 GOOD job Jana for making Momma this adorable apron! !
It's so cute.
Teach me how! :)
Thank-you Grandma and Papaw for loving on Anna Ruth! 
Several blog posts floating in my head so come on by The Rosy Life this week and take a peek!


  1. Looks like a fun party! What I wouldn't give for one of those strawberries right now!!


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