The Vow

Brett took me out for a Valentine's Day this afternoon.
We went and saw "The Vow" at my request. :)
I find myself hesitating to put my true, full opinion on things on the blog. Always wondering what so and so would think or say. Same goes for this movie.
But, I'm tired of hesitating so I'll say that we really liked this movie. :) It had parts you may agree or disagree with..and I'll let you be the judge of that. Overall it was raw, real drama, deep, sad, and based on true events. It had love in it that was so different than most "chick flicks".
A married kind of love.

 Afterwards we went to Barnes and Noble to browse.
We had a lively conversation over puzzles.
I don't like them. All that time and thought into hooking little pieces together, only to tear the final thing apart? Bizarre.
Brett however, loves a good puzzle. His argument is it's like organizing all those pieces...and we know he loves a good organizing session.
This funny attraction of two extreme opposites brought to you by God. :)
Mushy time-I so enjoyed being out with Brett and getting to hold his hand during the movie. Being "Brett and Sara" is something we cherish and are trying so hard to keep alive and going well, while also being parents. It takes work. But we're growing more in love. So, the work, WORKS.
And getting to see Anna's face light up afterwards when she sees us walk in to pick her up?
Absolutely precious and priceless. :)