The Rosy List and ...the Not So Rosy Story

A new series I'll be doing is called "The Rosy List", recognizing the little things throughout my day that MAKE my day. Life is as ordinary or extraordinary as we want it to be. It's up to us!
The Rosy List:
1.) Pen pal letters from my niece Kyla-thoughtful, fun, and so sweet to read.
 2.) Mini bucket of sour jolly ranchers in my craft room
 3.) My morning coffee (don't be fooled by the time...we'd been up for hours by this point!) :)
 4.) Empty, clean pie plate= evidence that we had company over this week and had such a wonderful time
 5.) Neat, inexpensive find at Target
6.) The UK has the best mags. You'll pay an arm and a leg for this one but what a TREAT.

Yesterday Anna rolled off our bed. I know better than to leave her there. But it was just for a second. She must have rolled and rolled quickly because a few seconds later I heard "Thump". SO. scary. One of the worst feelings as a parent! Guilt mixed with fear mixed with comfort and sadness. I quickly scooped her up and calmed her down, and then read in "What to Expect the First Year" what to watch for with a head bump. She had none of the signs and seemed fine.
Later on in the afternoon she threw up...and I started to get worried.
She was still her happy, incredibly busy self.
Later that night she threw up again-a lot.
I called Daddy first, and then the nurse hotline at the hospital. She asked a gazillion questions and said since she'd thrown up twice we needed to bring her to the ER. Anna had just gone down in her crib, and wasn't showing any other signs of discomfort. So, we felt like she could wait until morning. I called Daddy again to get his advice. We prayed. and prayed. and prayed some more!
Anna nursed through the night, and this morning. She's had applesauce and a formula bottle. And is just fine! :)
The biggest thing on my rosy list is my family.
What would I do without my sisters or parents to call? Without Brett to hold me when I cried a bit over the guilt of letting Anna get hurt? (I'm proud-I only cried for about 2 minutes).
I'm so glad God protects our kids. As I started to get worried last night God kept reminding me that the power to heal and protect Anna isn't in my hands. That I'm human and when I make a mistake with my children God's there to make it all-right. There is so much out of our control. Who better to control things than our Daddy God?


  1. I want that magazine SO badly, where did you get it??? Glad Anna Ruth is okay, did she get sick again after I talked to you? Love you, becca

  2. Oh my goodness! So glad Anna Ruth is doing okay. I may or may not have teared up a bit reading that post with worry. Whew. Good outcome. So glad you have a close family you can call and a husband to lean on and most importantly an almighty God to pray to!

  3. How cool, I didn't know they carried it locally at all, and shipping was outrageous (like nearly the cost of the magazine!)


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