Let's party.

 Anna went to her first non-family member birthday party today! :) We were both very excited. She even "wrote" in the birthday boys card for him! What a big girl.
 Excited to venture out of the house to Graham's 1st birthday!

 Anna is really doing great and starting to "interact" (a.k.a. take the other babies things)  at playgroup. A friend of mine from college has started coming too, and this is her sweet baby Reese. :) The girls were learning how to share.
 The birthday boy! Happy 1st birthday Graham!

 First taste of icing....he really liked it. :)
 Life's a party with these two, too. We met up for a much needed Girls' Night and got our Jersey Shore on with these heels....
 I love hanging with Jana and Mikayla. I can do and say whatever comes to mind. Be silly galore.
 I actually loved these shoes. This is my favorite color currently. Has been for months. I just can't get enough of it. Weird.

I mean, really?! If you'd like to channel your inner Snooki...Target is THE. spot. :)
p.s.-no, I don't really watch The Jersey Shore...but I am keeping up with Project Runway Allstars. Anyone else?


  1. Sara-- how dare you? I have each pair of shoes featured in this post. Hahaha. Not really, but I do live the mustard shoes. One of my Fave colors too. Definitely keeping up with project runway allstars. I'm missing Tim terribly ans Isaac gets on my last nerve, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the contestants!


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