It is?

So Brett says tonight "She's seven months!" and said it was the intelligent response: "It IS?!" Anna Ruth actually turned seven months yesterday. You know what they say... time flies when..well, you know the rest! I've been telling everyone all week she was turning seven months and just forgot the actual day! I don't read what the babies are "supposed" to be doing at this age, and almost hesitate to even put what she can/can't do in each monthly blog post. To be honest, I don't really care if she's doing what someone else's child is or isn't or not. She's my girl and I couldn't be more thrilled each time she discovers how to do or "say" something new. Life with her is so fun. :)
A few "highlights" at seven months (gulp, are we SURE she has to be that old?!)
*Anna laughs. Specifically during the nightly game of chase we play. 
*She kicks and waves her arms to music and "sings" (okay-coos) along sometimes.
*She loves to swipe things-especially off the table. She's a quick one!
*She's developed "new" tastes-a.k.a. gagging on mama's carrots which she previously liked
*Anna gets several formula bottles a day and wakes up 1-3 times a night
*She falls asleep in her car seat easily but wakes up as soon as the car is turned off
*She makes her jumparoo rock hard!
*Anna has started a form of reaching for me..she showed she missed me yesterday and I felt like the most important person in the world
*If Anna cuddles at all, it's always on the left side of my body
Well, I could go on and on. Reading this, Anna might sound like an ordinary little baby. She is the sunshine of my day...the teacher of my patience, the melting of my heart, the wonder of my eyes. :)
  In other news, this week Momma gave me some doilies from my wedding. I wanted to bleach them white for a table runner.
 I followed some directions I read online about bleaching..and the doilies sat and sat..and sat without turning any closer to white! I then poured bleach directly on them-still nothing! Oh well :)
 This is the table runner I made!
 I also made some pinwheels with my favorite feedsack fabric and old book pages.
 The pinwheels are the table centerpiece :)
 This is an old frame I had that I painted red, and then strung wire on. Next I printed out a list of words and clipped them to the frame. There's a popular thing a lot of bloggers have done, which is choose one word for the year that you want to strive for, or that will guide your 2012. You can find the list of words here: One Word I used these words to hang on the frame-so inspiring!

 Today was a very good day. We got to meet Jana and the kids at the mall. Plus see my mom and dad!
 Caleb asked if he could hold Anna Ruth...
 and said "I'm rocking her!" Hahaha-this was hysterical. Anna was pretty wound up, so combined with Caleb swaying her back and forth-well, it was just funny :).
 They had some ghetto rap playing in the children's area and Anna really cut loose. She was kicking her legs and slapping her hands up and down. Despite my (secret) love of a good rap beat, I promised Jana I really don't listen to that stuff at home!

 Caleb also asked if Anna could sit in these cars with him. He is quite the leader. !

We ended the day with Poppa in the food court. I had Chick-fil-a...yum, yum, yum!


  1. Love your table runner!! Turned out great. Pinwheels are super cute too. Sounds like your girl is the life if the party with her killer dance moves! Can't wait to see her again.


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