Farmer Girl

Anna decided she'd wake up on farm time Friday morning-5:30! The saying "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" may have gone through my head as I realized-she is happily not going back to sleep! So, I made coffee, and off we went to get one of her new toys from Granna and Poppa for Christmas. This was her first time playing with her Little People tractor and she knew just what to do! Quite enthusiastically too, I might add.  

 "Hi Mama" :)

I'm always trying to think of creative ways for Anna Ruth to play and discover. She is so curious! I fixed a shoebox with a neat lid that flipped open full of materials that had different textures-minky material, scarf, sand paper, bubble wrap, and felt. Anna Ruth liked it! Especially the bubble wrap. :)
                                          Warming up after bathtime with Dada by the fire!
Anna Ruth got to sit in a restuarant highchair for the first time today! She even got her own pack of crayons like a big girl. She loved patting the table and swiping at whatever was within reach.  
 Anna also took a trip to the library. She talked and talked the whole time we were there. She had so much fun looking around at everything! I'm going to take her to the Baby Bookworm program soon, which I think she'll really get into. They sing songs, listen to stories, and learn motions!

She had so much fun, Anna decided she'd be reshelved and picked up later. :)
This is the quote that's on our mantle now. Read it. Ponder it.


  1. Ingrid must have called up Anna Ruth telling her that 5:30 is the best time to wake up! She's an early riser too. Love that Anna loved the library. She will love their story time I'm sure.

  2. Anna Ruth is such a little doll!! I can't believe how big she is. :)


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