Enjoying mama-hood?

Are you enjoying being a mama?
I sure hope so. Lately I've felt God prompting me to think about my words regarding Anna Ruth....I've found myself telling Brett occasionally "I didn't get ANYTHING done today!", as if Anna Ruth was an inconvenience sitting in my way.  Spending time talking with Anna...reading to her, giggling and tickling with her, telling her that God painted our beautiful sky-wasn't anything accomplished?

Although I stated to Jana one day that becoming a first-time mom was very hard because you had to learn how to deal with someone needing you 24/7 I've been thinking how many times my words make it sound like Anna is an inconvenience. Sometimes I still get frustrated that I have a constant "accessory" called spit-up or slobber on my clothes. I might wish she would nap (selfishly, so I can have a "break"). 

But I'm learning to stop treating Anna Ruth like "Oh-you're still here and awake"...and instead like "You're here!! Hooray!" I say this like it's a hard lesson to learn. It's not. The true attitude of my heart IS the Hooray version..but sometimes my speech sounds like the "You're still awake".  I love and adore Anna Ruth. I love the way she grins, how she blows air through her lips constantly and sometimes whistles, I like the way she turns her body around to reach for me, I love her kick and cooing during a great song. I like her expressive eyebrows. Her two little teeth. Her BIG appetite. :)

So, again I ask-are you enjoying mama-hood? Or making it from nap to nap? I pray that you'll ask God to heap joy upon joy, laughter and giggles into your home, spit-up accessories and all. :)