A little happy for your day

As I mentioned yesterday, Anna makes me smile and laugh. This morning she woke up earrrlly. We got right to it with breakfast, time with Dada, etc. She was fussy...and sleepy. I put her in her crib (we don't rock her to sleep-she goes right in the crib when she's acting tired) and she cried and fussed for a minute. Then-silence. I go look- and this is how I found her. Silly girl. Mid-role, hand still in the air. But asleep. :)
I have a few favorite blogs, which you can find under the "Favorite Blogs" tab above. Check these out! If you have any time on the computer, this is how I would spend it. :)
A mom who loves to craft, decorate, sew, and take pictures. A  positive, refreshing look! A christian mom. :) 
Someone who has taken her passions in life and is thriving making her dreams come true.
Flower Patch Farmgirl
Seriously funny/quirky/sarcastic at times writing. My favorite read. By far. She's real, honest, and says the things we wouldn't dare sometimes. A christian momma too. Has adopted children (which is very near to my heart, Fyi). Hilarious. Serious at times too. 
 Under the Sycamore
Another neat momma! Adopting from China. Teaches photography. Crafty. Positive attitude. Nice :) (she responded to my e-mail this week!). Would be lovely to have as a friend in real life. :)


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:) Happy Tuesday!