Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my Momma and Daddy!
Both my parents wear many hats.......yet remain deeply devoted to each other first!
I grew up watching my parents stay and grow in love. When other friends watched their parents' relationship end or fail (especially as I got older) I saw my parents continue to enjoy each other, delight in each other, and go out of their way to spoil the other.
"Long love is sweet love."
I have learned from the best!

How did I do?

Last year's New Year's List was quite long....some I did:Make homemade icecream, bake, go on babymoon, sew for our baby, freezer meal swap, bake bread, date night, decorate our home and use it for God's glory (in progress still), homemade Christmas gifts, start Connect Group, and read more books!
Others...not so much:Host a creative night, take a sister's trip, Siesta Scripture Memory, monthly photo collage, go to Ikea, go to Beth Moore event, join Tuesday morning bible study
Something I didn't realize was how time consuming and selfless nursing a baby is, or should be. It is best for baby and mom. It takes a lot of time...time that others can't really help you with. So, some of my goals didn't get accomplished because of needing to be near Anna Ruth. But really...through nursing I know I'm providing something far better for myself and my girl than a trip away would. It's not all about me! :)

It's about this sweet, special girl! She is doing so much, so often! Brett walks quickly around the great room holding her facing out and I tickle and make noises when she passes me. She has developed the deepest laugh this last week when we do this. There is no better sound!
2012 New Year's List:*Host a craft night
*Improve photography skills
*Learn to garden/can
*Sew something from the many books I have
*Dream big
*Serve generously
*Be open to being surprised by God's plan for me!


 This week Anna Ruth is REALLY into rolling! Brett is calling her his Roly-Poly. She rolls from tummy to back, and then back over again! Life is fun, isn't it? Can you spot her tooth above? It surprises me almost every single time she smiles big. Parenting is one big surprise after another.                                                        
 The organizing bug usually only hits me once or twice a year. Which must show God's sense of humor because it hits Brett daily! It's like living with Jana all over again :).  After Christmas was cleared out (Yes, I'm a December 26th get it out of here kind of girl) we were left with a nice blank slate for new decorating.
Some of my thrifted finds lately! I have plans for each of these neat items. One day it was even 1/2 off at the local Samaritan's Shop-What excitement! I love a good DIY....and thrift stores are perfect for that. I'm not into buying something another person already fixed up-I like to get my hands dirty and do it myself. I think I can trace this back to reading the Boxcar Children. Anyone remember the children fixing up the Boxcar?? I always loved reading about that :).
What are your thoughts for the new year? Any goals to renew? Or how about writing down some new ones...I'll be sharing my list soon.....and see how I did on last year's!

My Merry Christmas

Christmas was so full of joy this year! Multiplied over and over especially because of Anna Ruth :).

Laugh it UP

Did you know that if you dress in a crazy amount of mismatched hearts it instantly lightens the mood?
Or that tickles and peekaboo erase another 4 a.m. wakeup time?
:) Anna Ruth told me today "Sleep is for the weak, mama. All the cool kids are getting up eaaarrrlly." Yes, sweetie they are-and you are the coolest!

This is a MUST. read. Started it...and I'm on page 31. Here are a few lines that jumped directly off the page and into my heart/mind to stew over already:
"The state of your heart is the state of your home"Amen and Amen! Something I noticed right away as I became a mom was that there seemed to be two categories of mama's-those that kept a meticulously clean house and fit body and perfectly dressed kids, etc, etc. while the rest of us stood by whispering "How does she do it?"  The other category of moms was the complete opposite-proudly waving their banner that boasted "My house is a mess and so am I because I'm giving 120% to my kids!" It's taken me a while to realize my goal is to strive for the in-between. Even with only one child-the struggle to balance is still there. If my heart is truly in the right place then sometimes that means there are extra crumbs on the counter, or my hubby arrives home to find dinner isn't made because I'm holding a sleeping, stuffy-nosed baby. Or it might mean I choose to pray that God will help me see the joy in my day, instead of focusing on what didn't go my way. These bits of heart rearranging add up to a home of warmth, love, laughter, prayer and peace......Husbands love this more than a "clean" house I'm convinced. Last night laying in bed Brett told me how pretty I looked...and I was in my jammies-hair slicked back with no makeup. But I was happy...and had tried to take the high road of a good attitude..and I think that shows up on our faces and in our homes. And sometimes, I even have the perfect outfit and makeup, AND a clean house with laundry done! :)

"A well-controlled passionate personality is a powerful thing. If you see a lot of passion in your little girls, don't be discouraged. It is just wonderful raw material." I think of the girls in my family when I read this-the Kyla's, Lainey's, and Anna Ruth's of the world. :)

Homemade playtime!

Something I picked up while teaching elementary students is that it doesn't take much to interest a child or spark their imagination. What we see as an ordinary household object, or even trash, is a tool for the imagination for little ones. Thus-the thinking behind the "toys" in this post! I gave Anna a pie tin and ornaments and she was hooked. :) She kept rolling the ornaments around and loved making noise with the tin. She also liked scratching on the rough edge, as well as the smooth middle of the tin.

 This is a toy I made for Anna for Christmas. I simply took the crinkle Spinach Lettuce bag and sewed it inside a square of soft flannel. I know she'll love the sound, and I loved that it was quick to make and free!

I also made her a "sensory bottle". You can google this term, or search on pinterest for a whole bunch of ideas on what to put in the bottles. As you can see the confetti colored the water, which I think adds another element of interest. *I made sure to hot-glue the cap on, even though my little girl's muscles couldn't open it yet, better to be safe than sorry!*
So there you have it! Just a couple of ways to spark your child's imagination, without spending a lot-if any!
(and for those of you wondering-Anna Ruth will get plenty of presents for Christmas from her sweet relatives...that's why we're sticking with homemade at our house for this year)

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