This week Anna Ruth is REALLY into rolling! Brett is calling her his Roly-Poly. She rolls from tummy to back, and then back over again! Life is fun, isn't it? Can you spot her tooth above? It surprises me almost every single time she smiles big. Parenting is one big surprise after another.                                                        
 The organizing bug usually only hits me once or twice a year. Which must show God's sense of humor because it hits Brett daily! It's like living with Jana all over again :).  After Christmas was cleared out (Yes, I'm a December 26th get it out of here kind of girl) we were left with a nice blank slate for new decorating.
Some of my thrifted finds lately! I have plans for each of these neat items. One day it was even 1/2 off at the local Samaritan's Shop-What excitement! I love a good DIY....and thrift stores are perfect for that. I'm not into buying something another person already fixed up-I like to get my hands dirty and do it myself. I think I can trace this back to reading the Boxcar Children. Anyone remember the children fixing up the Boxcar?? I always loved reading about that :).
What are your thoughts for the new year? Any goals to renew? Or how about writing down some new ones...I'll be sharing my list soon.....and see how I did on last year's!