What I wore! An outfit post.

If you were to say I wasn't a fashion blogger this would officially be a complete understatement.  I'm kind of cracking up at this post and almost talked myself out of posting it.  You know my introverted self is freaking out at posting this many selfies in one post.  But I want you to hear me out. 

It all comes down to this one simple truth that I hope you see or at least start to think about after seeing these pics, dirty mirror and awkward poses and all. 

Putting some effort into how I look makes me feel better.
Call it vain or silly or a waste of time or whatever you like, but it's simply true. 
When I view my outfits more as a work of art, or at LEAST as something fun that I want to feel good in, I just feel better.  I'll have the occasional day on the weekend where I slum around in lazy clothes and it's nice for a day.  Yet I notice when I keep it up day after day I quickly feel less productive, more like I want to hide at home, and more depressed.

You can chalk this up to my highly-sensitive self and it may even be true.  Or maybe it's my age? 
Either way, as silly as I feel, here it goes. 
This is what I've been wearing and loving lately. 
I'm not going to post brands or anything because again, no fashion blogger here.
If you have a question about anything, feel free to comment and ask! 

(for the record, three gals on IG whose style choices inspire me are:)

I also added some happy flair to my name badge, courtesy of Just Add Sunshine.  Not courtesy like I got them for free, but like I ordered them and really want everything from her shop because it's color galore-my happy place! 

So what did you think of this outfit post? Should I do more?
As Kelly Rae Roberts puts it, "dress in happiness daily." 

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