Zoo trip!

 "Want to go to the zoo tomorrow?", the message said.  I quickly decided yes and lunches were packed, clothes laid out, camera charged.  Off we went to the Tulsa Zoo with my crew, as well as all the cousins and my sisters!  We have 11 kiddos between us and I can't wait for the day Brett and I add even more to that number.  Our foster care/adoption journey has only just begun, with only a home-study to go before we're an official open home! 
 The whole crew! These kiddos are a blast.  With so many of them there are more than enough playmates to go around.  
 Kids sure do love maps! Do yours? I notice any time we go somewhere with a map ALL the kids want one.  Bless them! They haven't been tricked into Google maps yet! :) 

 There were so many neat textures that caught my eye. 

 Fun times with cousins!

This was our first trip to the zoo that didn't require a stroller, since my sis let me put our lunch boxes on hers.  My girls are growing right up! We left early in the morning and had breakfast in the car.  We packed lunches for the zoo and ate on the train! Then we headed home in time for dinner.  This was an easy, fun day trip for us! 

How did you spend your Monday?  It is warm, sunny, and VERY spring-like here. I'm beyond excited!