My spring mantle

I sent this text to my twin last week-"Brett is just going to love my new mantle", followed by a string of laughing, hilarious emojis.  Because if this mantle doesn't say girls live here and they just wanna have fun, I don't know what does. 

In fact, when Brett walked in from work that night he gazed up at the mantle and noticed it immediately, which is saying a lot.  :) Obviously I am queen of the decorating in our house and my king puts up with a lot, happily.  

Let's get into the details, shall we? The hoop on the left is handmade by me.  The doily in the middle came from my Papaw's mama's chest, so it is very, very old. I tied it to the hoop with colorful string, making a kind of dream-catcher look.  The blue shutters I painted myself and got from my parents years ago and the yellow "Joy Comes in the Morning" is a free printable from Pinterest (my fave). 

The & sign is a $1 sticker from the craft aisle at Wal-Mart, the pink, wooden stick I found on the farm, and the letter board is actually a canvas with plastic letters I bought on Etsy. my pink dress form! I've had her for a few years and decided she needed her debut on the mantle, adorned with paper flowers I made. 

Last but not least, the little banner is made from washi tape and string.  

I adore decorating in general but usually take hours on the mantle.  I finished this one in record time and I love it! I look at this a lot while I'm standing at the sink doing dishes and it makes my heart happy.  (random fact-I still have a dream of decorating store-front windows someday)

Where are you on the decorating train of thought? Love it or not? 


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