The Rosy Life photo book is for sale!

Friends I am thrilled to start sharing some products and ideas with you in this space that have been a long time coming!  I am an idea kind of person and several new items are going to be making their way to the shelves of my shop over the next few weeks, ideas that I have carried with me for quite some time.  For some reason, now is the right time for them to leap from my brain and out into the world!

To start, I'll let the Rosy Life photography book be the line-leader of all things "new." If you know me really, really well then you know I adore magazines and books, especially ones with beautiful photos that make you pause a little longer and savor the sweet side of life.  I've often dreamed of putting something out there myself, but wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go-like did I want to include words with my photos or just let the photography speak for itself.

I decided I could either wonder and worry 'till the cows come home (which is never) or just go with my gut.  So the gut it is.  I made a photography book with 48 of my favorite rosy photos that is now available for purchase.  I decided to make it a small enough book that you could tuck it in a bag, a friend's mailbox, or easily fit it on a bookshelf.  The sizing, details of the book, and book preview are all available here: The Rosy Life Volume 1.

You can also go to my Instagram (therosylifeblog) to watch a preview of the book in person! Stay tuned for details of my spring photography class coming in March, posters, postcards, and new paintings coming to the shop!

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