Bubbles and behind-the-scenes

I'm still here. 
My daily blogging rhythm was interrupted by technical difficulties, which was a blessing in disguise. I'd been meaning to re-work a few things in this space anyway, showing my true heart for The Rosy Life, which is photography.  Round 1 of changes are complete! I may make a few tweaks here and there over the next few weeks but for now please feel free to look around, especially under the "Photography Sessions" tab and the "Films" tab. 
There has been more happening behind-the-scenes besides blog changes, none of which I know how to write about yet.  Sometimes in these certain seasons of BIG, difficult things, or questions left unanswered, or things we're wrestling with as a family-I've written about it.  I've laid it all out on the blog, baring my soul every step of the way.  This season feels different. Maybe it's because of the book I've been reading about a lady who went internet-free for a year and met God in that time, maybe it's because of all the negativity spewing left and right about the state of our country within the ugly confines of social media, maybe it's because I'm getting older and becoming more picky and choosier about how much power I'll let social media have for me. 

Whatever the reason, so much is happening behind-the-scenes I'm just not ready or willing to write about yet.  So many social media sites and people that drag down my thought life that I'm just not willing to follow or read anymore.  Do you have these thoughts too?  The internet isn't all bad and please don't think I'm saying so.  I'm still here and I don't think I'm bad. :) I don't think you are either. I'm simply inviting you to peek into The Rosy Life, read alongside your rosy companions, keep having eyes to see the beautiful in the broken and know that there is more happening in my real life than I am ready to write about.  

My rosiness isn't being shallow or fake, it's my remedy for a sometimes hard world.  Someday there will be many details God is weaving together in this chapter of life that I will share.  For now, let's celebrate the tiny moments that are really the big moments, the moments like blowing bubbles.

My goodness this was such a fun afternoon with my girls! 
The bubbles sparked their imagination and soon we were playing fairies in the pasture and I got to be "Sara-bella".  

So from Sara-bella to you, happy Tuesday! Go out and grab some joy today. :) 


  1. YES! thank you for sharing a beautiful fun part of your life. I too am tired of all the negative.


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