Project Life: Week 2 and resizing photos to print!

Hey friends, near and far! How (truly) are you today?  I'm excited to share my second week of Project Life with you!  If you're thinking "didn't she JUST share week one?!" the answer is yes!  

The end of another week snuck up on me and before you knew it Sunday night had rolled around and I had this huge urge to design another page before Monday came knocking.  Once again, I'm so glad I did!  I truly am loving Project Life so very much, like wondering why I haven't done it sooner. 

For me personally, being able to slip some cute journaling cards in with my photos is very appealing visually, plus I'm getting my story down a bit on paper, instead of just being lost on the "inter-webs", as Chewbacca mom calls it.  

For right now I'm keeping this super simple and easy.  I have a million ideas on how to include painting, more creative layouts, etc. but I think the point is to make it fit your life.  Right now "simple" fits my life! I really enjoy recording a bit of one week, before another begins.  

I had a good question last week about how I resize my photos and print them myself.  I made a video to show how I do that in Lightroom.  I have a whole list of disclaimers about the video-like the shifting light, the weird wind sounds in the background, etc. but this is real-life!  I'd rather post it and help someone than hide it due to perfectionism. 

You can view the video here: Project Life photo resizing
 I hope this encourages you to give Project Life a try! 


  1. A woman who GETS IT DONE. Thank you for your generosity. Of course God has chosen you to be an artist, wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and foster mom. He sees a woman capable of rolling up her sleeves and taking care of business.

    1. You're so welcome Amy, I hope this helps! Thank YOU so much for your kind, encouraging words!

  2. So colorful! And pix look great (I read your first installment, too). What kind of printer do you use? Do the printed pix have staying power?

    1. Thanks DJ! :) I have the Epson Stylus R2000 printer. It is pricey but extremely nice and worth it. I originally bought it a few years ago to make my own high-quality, archival ink art prints, which I still do. Being able to also print my own photos is a nice addition! :)

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