Pizza, prayer, and PRIDE training

I suppose I'm breaking all kinds of blog-savvy rules this morning by combining a title with a post when the two don't seem to be married together at all, at first glance at least. 

But stick around and hear me out.
We had our first weekend of foster care training last Saturday and Sunday.  We actually started the weekend off by also completing our CPR skills test, after working throughout the week on a five hour online course.  So we accomplished a lot in three days over the weekend!  
Saturday was a nine-hour day of training, followed by a six-hour day on Sunday. 
These photos were taken from a previous day, where our hours were spent in the company of our farm woods instead of with paperwork, new information, and new friends. 

I've been asked a few times how the training went.  I hesitate because I truly just don't know how to answer.  My rosy self wants to just answer "great!" and be done with it.  The truth is our emotions over the training and whole foster care process run the gamut.  Naturally.
The training really is going well.  We are learning so very much, have two awesome teachers who are both counselors themselves, and have met such a nice group of people who are also becoming foster parents just like us.  It's a club that few get so it has truly been nice to be around like-minded people.  
The content of the training is clearly no picnic.  It is hard, hard stuff guys.  I don't know a better, more rosy way to say it.  It is for sad reasons these precious babies and kiddos and teens need a soft place to land.  Do you see why it's tricky when I'm asked how training is going? 
With that said, we are firm in our calling for foster care.  Our hope and faith in this calling and season of our life is unwavering.  There are kiddos who are waiting, who will need us, and you'd better believe we'll be there. 
I do feel like I'm walking around in a foster care fog though, I'll admit.  A few things are helping balance the hard right now.  Things like taking long walks through the woods with our girls, watching Snow White with the girls, pizza (yes, I ate pizza!), music (Us the Duo, I love you), reading books, cooking, lighting a candle, and hugging a friend.

Is our "hard" the same as these precious lives are going through? No.  I almost cringe to use that word.  But something I felt like God told me a long time ago was not to discount my own life, honesty, and story for the sake of others.  I matter too.  So I'm being honest with you that I'm walking around a bit glazed.  But boy does a dose of rosy help.  

Things like keeping up with Project Life, checking out books from the library, and starting a new photography learning course online.  
And YOU all! Brett and I have such a tremendous support system that watch our kiddos, cheer us on, encourage us, and check on us.  We are forever grateful. 

I'll still be showing up here, one of my most favorite spots ever.  But if I hesitate to know how to talk about this process, it's just because I'm still processing. 

Maybe I'll write a book about all this someday! 

Now your turn-how are you? Truly? 

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