Hiking the Buffalo

Let's do a bit of time travel, shall we? Back in early autumn we took a day to go on a hike, near the Buffalo.  We feel like the luckiest people because we live fairly close to so many beautiful spots.  It takes us a bit over an hour to reach the Buffalo River and the hiking is superb in our opinion. 

Hiking is something we've done as a family since the girls were babies.  We've graduated from a fairly smooth path with the stroller, to this.  Both the girls climbed up and down this steep path with help from Brett and I.  They really had to be brave, but wore the most triumphant, confident look after they'd made it.  "We can do hard things girls", that's what I keep telling them. 
The leaves here were warm and glorious! 
I typically carry my camera and sometimes my camera bag, when we hike.  You can see that sometimes the girls think they need to carry their cameras like their mama, too.  Other than that we don't typically take anything with us if it's a short hike.  On the longer hikes I'll sometimes wear a backpack with kleenex, water, and a few snacks inside.  

My kiddos are never, ever bored on hikes and one of the reasons being that we keep our eyes out looking for the interesting, the lovely, the different, the colorful.  One of them spotted this beautiful snail!  Sometimes our hikes can take a while because they want to stop and admire almost everything.  Especially Betsy! She is like her mama, she sees hearts everywhere and what looks like abstract art to everyone else, looks like shapes and pictures and stories to her. 

Near the steep parts of the trail Brett and I walk nearest the edge and make the girls hold onto our hands the whole time.  

One of the best parts about hiking the Buffalo is that after you're done you can sit by the river and have a picnic! I am most definitely a water girl, as a close friend pointed out to me one day recently.  Whether it be the river, the lake, or even our farm creek, the gurgles and soothing sounds of water running over rocks is simply my favorite.  

This was such a plain day, but certainly one of our favorites.  Although we love the city and fancy places just as much as the next person, we are really most at home in nature.  Give me a pile of rocks to sit on, the company of my family, a few birds soaring, and the happy gurgling of water running past and I am a happy gal.