This is your close-up.

My oldest usually isn't fond of having her picture taken.  "You're a photographer so don't you get the most amazing photos of your kids?"  Well, yes and no.  My kids are amazing, have no doubts about that.  But as far as me styling them and having them pose, well that just doesn't happen as much (or ever!) like it did when they were young.  Now, they have minds of their own.  Considering my approach is more lifestyle, meaning I like to capture life as is, this makes sense.  

However, one afternoon the girls were showing me their fun play spot they made in their closet and I noticed the lighting was spot-on.  I ran downstairs for a snack for the girls (rice cakes) and also grabbed my camera.  
I am so glad I did.  Here's my sweet, smart, serious, silly, FIVE-year old girl! 

Yes, this is what I sometimes get. :) 
My sweet Betsy wasn't in the mood for her picture being taken that day.  So no worries, she wasn't left out! We did have fun cuddling with each other on Sunday, relaxing the afternoon away. 

The girls also got new bike helmets last weekend.  Anna had previously been skeptical about riding her big girl bike until Brett prompted her to try.  Then she loved it! I found her giving Sheriff Callie the same pep talk her Daddy gave her.  And she actually requested this picture! Sometimes she will pose herself and ask for a photo.  Kids are the funniest! 

Do you photograph your family?  With your phone or a camera? 


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