mini painted pumpkins

The girls and I had to run in to the grocery store last week and the mini pumpkins stopped us in our tracks.  Normally by this late in September I would have pumpkins and signs of fall everywhere at the house.  I don't know if it's because of my craving for simplicity or the temperatures still in the 90's, but this year we've stayed in a summer state of mind much longer than normal.  In fact, we're still there! The girls played in their kiddie pool just yesterday. 

But still, the calendar is creeping up on October and surely at some point it must get cooler.  All that to say, the mini pumpkins were each picked out with care and placed in our cart, visions of fall dancing in our heads. 

These masks also came home with us (a $1.38 each), putting us in the costume-mood! But if we're honest, we're almost always in that mood! 
We cut open some grocery bags, poured some paint into egg cartons, and got to work on our mini canvases. 

Although we each had the same paint colors, everyone's pumpkins ended up looking so different.  I love that.  The girls worked a long time on these, making sure to do their best.  We used regular acrylic paints, like you can buy at Hobby Lobby in the little bottles. 

The mini creations looked so pretty that night at dinner, all gathered up on the table together!
The next day I quickly sketched a few leaves to go on the pumpkins.  I also added some word stickers that are my favorite! 

I really love how the leaves look and I'm always a sucker for having prayers and positive reminders throughout the home. 

Simply artful, indeed.  Making art doesn't have to involve expensive supplies, loads of time, or buckets of expertise.  It just requires showing up and getting those fingers moving. 

Crafting also helps calm my questions during this slightly questionable season we're in.  It does good things for my soul and could for yours too!  This week, why not give it a try?