Country auctions and fall's arrival

 Fall is in the air.  I wasn't planning on being ready for it or even celebrating it yet.  Labor Day felt like the last "Hoorah!" of summer and then came gentler winds, yellow leaves, cooler temperatures, and I realized autumn had indeed, arrived.  Ready or not, here it was. I didn't think I was ready, but the slower pace and the way the light looks different has made my eyes see the world differently.  I have felt the rhythm of my heart and mind change and sift and slow down.  I didn't know I needed that, but I did.  Sweet autumn...

This weekend I had a little accident and got a bad burn on my leg.  I admit, the hardest part hasn't been the pain (although that's awful enough) but instead has been how tired I feel and how much it's slowed me down from things I was just on track with again, like the treadmill. Of course in the grand scheme of things this feels silly to even write.  It's just a couple of weeks to lay low and heal.  But my spirits took a nosedive, admittedly.  Still, they don't call me "rosy" for nothing, I am pretty good at finding some cheerful in the everyday.  For starters, we went to the most wonderful country auction about five minutes down the road this weekend. 
I seriously wanted to take over this old chicken house, string it with twinkle lights and bunting, and put row after row of tables inside for delicious food, gatherings of people, and crafts galore. 

Instead I lifted my spirits by capturing the story of this country auction-items long forgotten, treasures merely stored on earth, junk that made my heart race, all in the company of friendly people.

You never know what you'll find at an auction. What piece of the past lingers, questions about the story surrounding each object hanging in the air. 

 You get all kinds of people at an auction. Most are rather friendly. 
We went to the auction with my family and left with two quilts and some vintage chicken feeders, thanks to my mom-in-law.  
 Once home I was tempted by the purple grass blowing in the breeze to get out of bed and take a peek around.  It felt like fall was saying "hello...I have good things for you to notice." 

Notice away, indeed.  

(Anna was my pal for this photo walk.  Can you tell she was here?) 

 This is the time of year for slowing down, reading books, hot tea, candles, and rest.  It's time for the last hay-cutting of the year, leaves changing, gentle breezes, and dreaming of soups for days.  

It's the sweet farewell to summer and an enthusiastic "hello" to autumn.

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  1. What a beautiful walk! The pictures are lovely. The quilts reminded me of my grandparents. xo


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