Birthday weekend recap!

(my twin sister and I!)

I am now the big 33! Feels like a good number, doesn't it? 
My birthday weekend was truly so much fun! We went to the fair, the White River, a family wedding that I photographed, and stayed home while Brett cooked delicious food for me.  My twin sister and I also stayed for a night in a local town, doing some shopping and Indian food-eating as well! My sweet baby nephew got to come along which was a treat. 

Overall it was just such a fun weekend filled with the kindest messages from family and friends.  
Life is a gift my friends. 
That is how I'm entering year 33.  Counting my gifts. 

Now that Labor Day is over I guess I'll have to give in to fall leaves and warm drinks and the welcoming of fall.  Summer, I ache for you already! Don't leave! (kidding, kind of) Maybe if we get some brisk weather I'll be in the fall mood. 

How are things in your part of the world?  Are you looking forward to anything or taking things day by day?