One foot in summer.

You guys.  Summer has been so, so good.  I'm not usually one to cast my vote for one season, throwing rants towards another.  But I will say, summer for president.  Between the grilling and days spent on the river or lake, the camping and cookouts, the garden and green grass-I just ache at the thought of having to say "goodbye" come winter and wait for another summer.  I truly mean that.  

I must say we started summer off on the right foot with our trip to Fort Morgan, Alabama.  Such a beautiful beach trip with beautiful people and good food.  I remember wondering what we would do all. summer. long.  And here we are, preschool starting in a couple of weeks.  We've never not had something to do.  We've played in the kiddie pool outside, watered the flowers, checked the cows, read huge stacks of books on my bed, gone to the library a million times, had a million playdates, relaxed at home, cleaned out our home (still working on this one), and eaten lots of good food.  I could go on too! The good stuff of life has balanced the adoption journey we're on, which is also good but turning out different than we expected.  But what can I say-that's life I've learned! 

Tucked in-between all this good living has also been some hard this summer.  Not a novel's worth to share publicly on the blog yet, but I will say we've been reading about adoption from all different angles and sources this summer, as well as reading about foster care.  Time will tell which way God is leading us.  But in the meantime I do look forward to sharing the information about several different ministries, opportunities, and ways to make a difference in someone else's life.  I can't not say something.  The "world", whether it be our close neighbor or one across the world, has so many needs.  We have so much to offer.  I am forever called to action. 

Although the schools are starting up this week we're not closing the door on summer yet.  This morning's fog and cooler temperatures do have me looking a tiny bit ahead to September at least.  My birthday is coming (!!), I'm starting to itch for some creative projects to do this fall, and my art shop will be spiffed and filled with new things soon! I'll also be sharing information about my fall and winter photo sessions.  Lots of good things to come. 

I wonder-what do you want to see/hear about/read about on the blog?