My summer paintings.

Summer started and I said this simple thing to myself "Paint for fun." 
That was it.  I've been pursuing the business side of my art from day one.  I have no problem with combining hobbies with business but for me at least, when it became ALL about the business something clicked in me.  Kind of the same thoughts I posted from the book Present Over Perfect earlier this week.  Especially the line that said "You can choose the size of your life."  

I know a few things.  One, I really love to paint.  It just does something for my insides.  It is a joy to sit down with an array of colors and have the time to express myself.  

Two, trying to stick to a strict schedule and rack up my Etsy sales, no matter the cost or sacrifice on my family and friends, just isn't me. 

So armed with these truths and a longing to simply experiment, play, and have fun, I began painting here and there this summer.  These are the pieces that make me the happiest and put a smile on my face when I see them.  Perhaps because they weren't created for anyone other than myself.  

 Once September rolls around I'll be spiffing up my Etsy shop a bit, adding some new pieces and taking down some old.  But for now, enjoy "my summer paintings!" 


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