Exploring Kansas City!

Morning! You guys, this photo feels like you crawled inside my brain! We went to Kansas City recently on a one-night family get-away. One of the many fun stops we had was at the Hallmark Center.  This fun little scene is from Kaleidoscope, a free art exhibit for kids!  You simply get a ticket for each of your family members ahead of time by walking in and taking the next available time.  Once your time arrives you are ushered into the coolest, most creative room ever filled to the brim with art supplies that are all free to use!  Brett and I had just as much fun here as the girls! 
For us, one of the most fun parts of the trip was simply picking a cool park and letting the girls play.  Another free, fun thing to do that worked well for everyone!  The name of this park was Hawthorne Park.  It also had swings and a playground.  Our girls quickly made friends with the other children and had a blast playing! 
Union Station was another big hit.  The building alone was gorgeous! We paid $5 for two-hour parking but once inside enjoyed this awesome free model train exhibit.  I mean like a whole room filled with every kind of scene you could imagine, with trains rolling through!  We were at Union Station on a Sunday so most things didn't open until later that afternoon.  After doing some exploring in the building we quickly figured out we must plan another trip soon where we can actually visit the other awesome places in Union Station. 

For example, Science City is a museum for kids that we can use our Amazeum pass at and get in for free! We also noticed an Imax theater and several other neat things we wished we had time for.  

I got to sit on one of these benches for about 5 minutes while Brett took the girls to see the trains.  The quiet was amazing.  

Crown Center was another fun little spot! For starters they had a giant Crayola store! 

There was also a Mr. Potato Head exhibit at Crown Center and you guessed it...free again. Yeah! 

While waiting for our schedule time at Kaleidoscope we did the self-guided tour of Hallmark.  My girls were amazed at the bow machine, the huge display of Christmas trees, and all the beautiful art and ornaments! 

I can imagine how incredibly fun it was for the person that got to create this!! 

A few other things we enjoyed were eating at some places I'd read about on Yelp and visiting Barnes and Noble, which is always a favorite for our family. 

Overall the trip wasn't perfect, as it may seem.  You know my view on this! Please share the real view! We had tons of bathroom visits and even more talks about being grateful/having a good attitude.  We had a meltdown or two and five wake-ups in the hotel.  Was the trip worth it?  Yes.  Because no matter if we travel far or stick close to home the expectation for our family isn't perfection.  It is saying yes to adventure though and we certainly did that! Brett had never even been to Kansas City before this weekend so that was fun!  We were impressed by how clean and beautiful the city was and truly easy to get around.  We are already planning our next trip! 

Where have you explored lately?  Or what is on your adventure list?