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I live with a permanent thirst for travel.  I can't really pinpoint when it started but I will say the amazing summer vacations we took as a kid had to have something to do with it.  My parents were diligent about saving up and taking us places like Colorado, Texas, Virginia, and the beach.  I can't not travel, it's just simply in my blood.  A huge part of the fascination isn't just to go hang out and do nothing in a new place.  It's to experience all different types of people, languages, food, and adventures.  Exactly how God made the world.  Since being a child I have continued to travel to Hawaii, Las Vegas (lol), St. John, Italy, camping, the Gulf Coast, New York City, and Chicago for a full 24 hours.  Another story for another day.  

Travel is expensive, yes.  The payoff is worth far more than the money you spend on going.  So for our family, we do without some things like cable, eating out a lot, frequent shopping trips, and going to the movies.  Instead, we'd rather use the money for weekend camping trips, or for dreaming big about cross-country road trips or a weekend away for Brett and I. 

Maybe traveling far isn't your cup of tea, or time and money simply don't allow you to at this time.  Or maybe you're like me and no matter how many trips you go on, you still have the itch to plan more.  Exploring your hometown(s) is such a real-life, fun way to include adventure in your everyday.  I have about a dozen trips planned in my mind right now, but for certain reasons we're not actually executing any of the plans for now.  But we are certainly still having plenty of adventure and new experiences, right here at home. I say, start where you are.  

Are there new spots in your town you haven't tried, like food markets that sell Asian or Mexican wares?  How about trying a You-Pick farm?  Or interacting in the weekly library story-time?  Why not invite someone new to your home for a playdate or dinner, or volunteer in your community in a different part of town?  

From checking out a fresh stack of books to read,
to cooking with a new ingredient,
or listening to a new type of music,
the world is truly your playground.
(this is at our local Botanical Garden)
(delicious finds from our first trip to the Asian market!)
(we especially like home to feel like a retreat away, even on our own back deck)

(thrift store shopping!)

To me, the world can be as interesting or as dull of a place as we want it to be. 
Where is one spot you've always wanted to check out in your hometown or a neighboring town? 


  1. Sweet thrift store find! What store was that? I am always on the hunt for a good thrift or consignment shop.

    1. This was Helping Hands in Bentonville! :)

    2. In the fall last year there was a beautiful field of sunflowers near
      Willard,Mo....hoping they will be there again this year.


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