What I'm reading (or will be!)

I had a really great question on Instagram last week that went something like this-"How do you make your book selections?" Oh boy, where do I start?! It has seriously taken me this long to even feel brave enough to conquer the mountain of explanations for how I pick out a book, why I choose a book, and basically all things "books".  To put things into perspective, we once had a very successful stylist/photographer over to the house and any type of book, color of book, etc. she asked for, I could instantly grab. She kindly commented how I must collect books, because there are seriously stacks and shelves in every room in our house.  And that was before I even had all these books.  It's okay, I'm not in denial about my book obsession.  Jump on in with me, the water's just right. 

First, I get books a few places.  I like to start with our local library, which I am entirely devoted to.  The girls and I go almost every single week.  It is one of my favorite places on the planet.  It's so easy to search for a book at home on the computer catalogue and see if they have it before I even step foot in the door with my sweeties in tow.  I also generally browse their "New/Non-fiction" section once we arrive, right at the front of the library.  I have to be pretty quick when the girls are along, but I've taught them that mama gets to look too. 

Second, I strongly suggest we support our local bookstores.  Even the chains! Especially the chains! I'm so serious here.  I love ordering from Amazon just as much as the next gal (see the step below), but there's something about our local Barnes and Noble that is just a tiny slice of heaven on earth.  I've been going there for years.  I always browse the magazines and cookbooks.  Sometimes I sit and type there.  It is my sanctuary and I almost always leave with something.  Many of our other bookstores have closed over the years and that's why I value actually purchasing from these stores.  

Last, I love amazon prime.  And their used books!

As for how I actually go about finding books I want to read, that's hard to explain. I prefer non-fiction over fiction.  If I hear about a book on a podcast or blog and I'm interested, I save it on a list.  Sometimes for fun I browse the part on Amazon that shows you what other customers bought in the book section. I talk to my friends and relatives about books they read.  I browse bookstores for fun. I never, ever find it hard to find something to read. I read a ton more in the winter than I do in summer. 

SO, from what you see in the stack above, there are all kinds of feelings.  Some of these I've read more than once and get teary-eyed about.  They're like a good friend or a conversation I've had with God that I can always come back to.  Others I can't wait to read and they are waiting in the never-ending book pile that makes life oh, so rich.  
And then there are these beauties.  My besties, a.k.a. "my cookbooks".  People, I can talk food, eat food, read about food, for daaaaaays.  And that's exactly what I do.  

To make a long story short, I've been tremendously interested in learning how food affects our physical/mental health and so for about six months I've been reading non-stop the same kind of cookbooks.  Those that actually teach about the foods mentioned in them, with no mention of the scale in sight but instead mention of calmer moods and healthy guts.  I've been eating up cookbooks that just use real food, especially the kind that have mostly vegetables and fish. 

I especially love it when a cookbook has gorgeous photography and styling.  In fact, that's a must.  When picking out a cookbook to buy I first try to quickly find out what the purpose of the cookbook is.  If you're simply trying to convince me to lose weight, weigh myself weekly, or replace meals with smoothies or "low-fat" options, I'm out.  But if a cookbook has gorgeous, real-food recipes with ingredients like vegetables, avocado, eggs, fish, soy sauce, beans, nuts, etc.  I'm in.  The second thing I do is check out the photography.  If it doesn't make my heart race, it doesn't make the cut.  

See, I told you #itscomplicated when it comes to my books. 
But, that's what I'm reading.  Or will be. 

To end, a few of my favorite authors are: 
1.) Jen Hatmaker
2.) Shauna Niequest
3.) Sophie Hudson
4.) Sally Clarkson
and I just can't even finish.  Seriously, my mind is racing faster than my fingers.  So maybe start with these four.  

Now, your turn!! Tell me what you're reading! Or have you read any of the books in these stacks?


  1. Books are my first loves :) I read several genres at a time, because I read according to mood. In the mornings I read devotional types and highlight and take notes. At lunch I prefer a fiction or a biography (my favorite!) and sometimes I throw some kind of self-help book in the mix, according to what I'm into at the time (budgets, decorating, cooking, etc.). I can't imagine not reading!

    My favorite authors are: Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers, Mary Higgins Clark, Jen Hatmaker and Jenni Allen

    1. I like to read several different genres too! And I'm also a huge note-taker. :) I will have to check out Jenni Allen!

  2. I take turns reading children/young adult fiction and grown up books lol. I just finished The Books of Umber. I am now reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up. I try to read at least one book a month. I have a never ending list of books to read. I definitely prefer real books!!! I tried iBooks but it's just not the same. I work at the local library now and it's like a dream come true.

    1. Thanks for the good book recommendations! And I LOVE that you work at your library! #dreamjob

  3. A Man Called Ove is so good !!!



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